Dealer Access Login

I forgot my password.

I am trying to log into my dealership's master account using my dealer number.
Password Reset Instructions for Master Dealer Account

If you are logging into your master dealer account using your dealer number, please call Great Plains customer service at 1-800-255-9215 to have your password reset. If you are sharing the master password with other people in the dealership, please check with them first to make sure you won't be locking them out by changing it.

I am an employee user set up by the dealership, and I'm trying to log in with my email address.
Password Reset Instructions for Employee Users

If you are an employee user that was set up by the dealership to manage certain tasks, please enter your email address below to reset your password. Please note that the password reset box below ONLY works for employee users.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why is there a new login page?
A: Because we have added significant new functionality that required us to use a different way of logging in.

Some of these changes and new functionality include:

  • The ability to add multiple employee-level users to your dealer account with the ability to perform job-related tasks such as ordering parts, filing warranty claims, paying invoices, etc.
  • The ability to provide you messages, information, and instructions such as this on the login page.
  • The ability to log out of the site.
Q: How can I make sure I'll have the best possible experience with dealer access and its newer features?
A: The best way to have a good experience is making sure your browser is updated and configured correctly for the site by:
  • Downloading the most recent version of your browser, particularly if you are using Internet Explorer. (For Internet Explorer, we recommend version 11 and higher, and we do not support anything less than Internet Explorer 10.)
  • If using Internet Explorer, making sure compatibility view is turned OFF. In your browser's address bar, if you see a blue "broken document" icon, this means compatibility view is on. Please click it so that it turns gray.